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Raleigh's Antique Fire Engines

The Raleigh Fire Museum and the Raleigh Fire Department possess several antique fire engines that served the Capitol City. They are listed below, along with location, status, and ownership information:

See photos of apparatus that are and were stored at Fire Station 28, 3500 Forestville Road, Raleigh.

Download this flyer (PDF) about the antiques. Or read this historical information.

Apparatus Location Status  
Hand hose reel Museum Repaired and restored in 2012.
1905 American LaFrance steamer Sta 28 Restored in 2012 to operational functionality
1926 American LaFrance pumper Sta 28 Restored in 1990s, operational.
1950 Mack pumper Sta 28 Operational.
1953 rescue boats Storage Well-preserved.
1982 Mack pumper Sta 28 Operational.

Three pieces of apparatus are owned by the Raleigh Fire Museum. They are presently in storage and, unfortunately, unavailable for viewing:

1936 American LaFrance pumper Donated to museum in 2014 by Margaret McCotter, in memory of husband Clifton, who privately owned the apparatus.

Cleaning, assessment, and restoration planned.
1961 American LaFrance pumper Purchased by museum in 2012 by donations from fire department members, family, and friends.

Operational restoration planned.
1989 Pierce pumper Donated to museum by city in 2017.
Exterior components restored in 2014.

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