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History of Histories

The history of researching and recording the history of the Raleigh Fire Department includes:
  • 1936 – Six-page history written by WPA writers.
  • 1944 – Six-page historical sketch written by Sherwood Brockwell and others, published as commemorative booklet at fire department event.
  • 1951 – Ladies auxiliary formed. Members create scrapbooks through the 1960s, including photos and news paper clippings.
  • 1970 – City fire protection report published, with five-page history written by local historian Elizabeth Davis Reid.
  • 1973 – Newspaper clippings compiled in three-ring binders by Public Affairs for several years.
  • 1984 – First fire department yearbook published, with detailed history written by Captain B. T. Fowler from sources including research by Elizabeth Reid Murray.
  • 2001 – First unofficial web pages on history of fire department created by Mike Legeros. Content is seeded with 1984 history and newer content written by Captain Peter Brock.
  • 2002 – Second yearbook published, with detailed history that both reprints 1984 history and includes new history written by Captain Brock history.
  • 2003 – Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting published by Mike Legeros.
  • 2004 – Mike Legeros starts researching official records at Station 1, and city records at City Clerk’s office.
  • 2006 – Elizabeth Reid Murray Collection donated to Olivia Raney Local History, which includes extensive historical information about the Raleigh Fire Department.
  • 2007 – Third yearbook published, with station histories written by Mike Legeros, reprinted web-based historical essay by Mike Legeros, and other text.
  • 2008 – Historical society organizes, led by Battalion Chief Alan Walters and Historian Mike Legeros.


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